THANK YOU for vaccinating your pets!

Whether your a recent pet owner or you’ve had a furry family member for a long time, you probably already know how important vaccinations can be, but do you know why?

Vaccines help prevent many illnesses and can help your pet live a long, healthy life. Not only are there different vaccines for different diseases, there are different types and combinations of vaccines. 

Vaccines help prepare your pet’s immune system to fight the invasion of disease-causing organisms. Vaccines contain antigens, which look like the disease-causing organism to the immune system but don’t actually cause disease. When the vaccine is introduced to the body, the immune system is mildly stimulated. If a pet is ever exposed to the real disease, his immune system is now prepared to recognize and fight it off entirely or reduce the severity of the illness.

Like all procedures, vaccination has risks and benefits, Our trained staff will help you consider the necessary vaccinations for your pet based on age, health and lifestyle.

Please download the Oahu SPCA vaccination clinic brochure for your location and fill out the form below.

  • Oahu SPCA Veterinary Services uses qualified staffing and approved materials for all procedures performed. Carefully read and understand the following before signing your name. I, acting as owner or agent of the pet named above, hereby request and authorize Oahu SPCA Veterinary Services, through whomever veterinarians they may designate, to perform the services requested and noted on the bottom of this piece of paper.
  • I hereby release the Oahu SPCA/Spay/Neuter Clinic, Oahu SPCA Veterinary Services, all veterinarian assistants, volunteers, directors, and employees from any and all claims arising out of or connected with the performance of this procedure and/or any adverse reactions from vaccinations or microchip implantations. I agree that I have not and will not claim any right of compensation from them, or any of them, or legal action by reason of such vaccination procedure or attempted vaccination or procedure of such animal or any consequences related thereto. Owner/agent hereby agrees to indemnify and holds the Oahu SPCA harmless for any damages caused during the transportation or handling of the animal, or for any damages caused by any unforeseeable events including, re, vandalism, burglary, extreme weather, natural disasters, or acts of God.
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