The Oahu SPCA receives donations in the name of a beloved pet, in honor of a cherished companion, or simply in the name of special friend or relative.

Oahu SPCA is grateful for these generous and caring donors. Their Legacy will live on with our life saving work.

A Gift to Oahu SPCA has been made in the name of the following beloved pets, friends and family members.:

Would you like to remember your beloved pet by making a donation in their name?

Please send us your favorite photo, the name of the pet and any information you would like to include with the photo, including, if you like, any names of the family / friends who will be listed.

John Anzalone Trust.

James Abbot.
Komuk trust.
Lulu Palermo.

In loving memory of Thelma Cramer.

Harley (Lhasa Apso) and Xena (Rottweiler).  We lost both of our dogs within 2 weeks of each other and this years holidays are really sad without two of our family members.

Aloha, Maria Olipas

A donation was made in honor of Grilled Cheese, seen here in his festive reindeer costume, which he hated but his family loved. He will be missed.